Saturday, August 26, 2017

Society is built for humans not humans built for society (#3130)

     This is the problem with republicans, they think of humans as resources. We are not resources, we are unique one of a kind individuals who happen to live in a fixed reality. Society, through civilized acknowledgement is devised to better enhance the human experience, not humans that are procreated to enhance the needs of society. We have allowed this mindset of we are not worthy to infiltrate our consciences and we therefore lose our will to fight for our innate right to exist equally in a democracy. Our foreparents fought long and hard for us to get the kind of society we could live in and if it weren't for republicans devilishly destroying our democracy so that they can once again use us as a utility, we would have an even better democracy!
     The bottom line for republicans is always money so if they cannot make money from any endeavor, whether their endeavor or a shared endeavor like democracy, then they will change the rules so that they can benefit. They don't care about the good will of others because they subscribe to the survival of the fittest dogma. All of this illustrates to me that we are a species in turmoil and we can't seem to decide to move forward into the logic of enlightenment or backward into the brutishness of being controlled. I am part of this species and for me the question isn't about being afraid, it is about whether we are bold. I know we are afraid, even I am but my desire to be bold about my life is much greater.
     I have little time left in this existence so doing things half assed or in fear is not an option. I am all in on living to my potential under the rules of democracy given us by our foreparents. I will not relinquish that gift to some bullies who would threaten and cajole so that they can lie cheat and steal our future. No, I will fight them with all that I have and when the fighting time is done for me I will at least have died with a noble purpose in my heart. I matter and so do all of us so what will it take for all of us to find the will to die with a noble purpose in our hearts? What will it take to move away from our own childish fears? Rather a hero to my heart than a coward!

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