Thursday, September 21, 2017

Take our health care away, get slaughtered next election (#3156)

     The republican party doesn't seem to care about what the consequences are of them taking our health care away. They are laser focused on dismantling and eliminating Obamacare which is the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act". This law is designed to bring insurance companies in line with helping people with health care and not for them to continue to line their own pockets with money taken from those who are sick and desperate. In trying to repeal Obamacare the republican party is telling big pharma and the insurance industry that they can go back to setting prices where they want them instead of being forced to keep prices low.
     If the republican party does succeed in destroying the only tool we Americans have to keep health care for over 32 million people and keeping costs low for those who are left that can afford health care then there will be a price to pay. They think now that they are being pressured by their much smaller right wing base and billionaire donors but wait until they feel the wrath of the majority of Americans who are furious at their attempt to put the insurance companies and big pharma back in control. It is as if they don't recognize the power of we who are being denied a life saving law. Despite their grumbling that when Obamacare was initially passed that it didn't go through regular order, which is a lie as it did,, they themselves are pushing through this repeal effort with barely a hint of regular order.
     However this new repeal effort turns out republicans will pay next election. But if they get their repeal they will pay harshly as the effect of the repeal will begin to be felt and the horror of the effect will be highlighted by all. The republican party does not care if we Americans can afford or even deserve health care. They are the survival of the fittest crowd who have a leg up on those they would climb over so their greed drives them. There is no negotiating with a vast majority of them as they are in lockstep to not only dismantle the power of our democracy but they are rooted to undermining it at any cost. If republicans have their way we would be a plutocracy with only the wealthy in control of our lives.

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