Saturday, September 2, 2017

The arrogance of bluffing with bullshit instead of the humility of dazzling with brilliance (#3137)

     It is so much easier for the lazy and procrastinators to utilize baffling with bullshit to cover their ignorance than it is to be humble and dazzle with brilliance. We don't even have to be brilliant most of the time, just honest with some effort. Yet ignorance seems to be the choice. I suppose it is a short changing short cut thing where people think they don't have to think because others will do it for them thus making their lives less complicated. Yet to trust others to think for us is a trap waiting to be sprung by those who prey on others for benefits. Skating through life is a choice but it has it's consequences. Not only do we not know what is really going on around us we are unable to comprehend it at a crucial moment's notice.
     We abdicate the one unique thing about us, our ability to reason, rationalize and conclude. The one amazing facet each of us individual humans has is our understanding and comprehensive analytics. We can take a new thing and add it to what we know and it can change our whole perspective if we allow for logic and common sense to guide us. But we have to be willing to be objective and not so set in our ways so that we fail to see the differences in what is real and what we want. I don't mind that my hopes and dreams are rarely answered. I have them anyway and just every now and then one will come into being. I accept that the vast majority of the time that my hopes and dreams will go unanswered. It is the way of things with 7 billion people on the same planet. Yet that does not stop me from advocating the truth of things based upon society approved calculations.
     I had hoped that all of we humans would at least try to understand and form new ideas from the same base of knowledge. Yet it seems that many humans are content to form rationalizations that are not grounded in logic nor common sense but in some hoped for ideal beyond the laws of physics. Apparently it is easier to baffle everyone instead of impressing them with a wise brilliance. I prefer to remain silent rather than baffle with bullshit. It is beneath me as a functioning human being to disregard honesty and fact so that somehow I can gain a benefit at the expense of some others. I try to live to the ideal, not bend to the cursed. I would have hoped I wouldn't be in the minority on this but that seems to be where the other many of us are.

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