Friday, September 15, 2017

The women in my life (#3150)

     The women in my life have been incredible. They had to step up because the men, who were less incredible did a poor job of being fine examples of their own gender. If it hadn't been for the women I would have been far less than what I am now. In fact I can say with little doubt that I wouldn't even be alive if it hadn't been for the force of will the women in my life instilled in me through their own words and acts. This is why I think women should govern our society. Now there are some women who are as vile as the many men I know but there are far fewer of them than there are men. We men have fallen hard because leadership takes a commitment that is both grueling and continuous.
     I have not had the fortune to be married in my lifetime yet the women who at times were my companions were remarkable enough to be admired and loved. Apparently not loved in the way I needed to love them for a marriage to occur but loved nonetheless. Even in those relationships I always found that it was me that failed them, not them me. It is hard to admit that I am the root of the problem but it is truthful since I was never really sure how to function as an equal partner in those relationships. Regardless of my personal life, all the women I have held dear have been powerfully strong in their vision for what life could be like if we would just stop hurting each other. It makes perfect sense since we men have been treating and hurting women unfairly since at least the dawn of civilization.
     Well now women are not to be underestimated, especially by me since I have found that it takes real courage to be kind and helpful in life instead of being like many of us men who are mean, brutish and cruel. It is the traits that women exhibit and exemplify that draws my attention. I have no time for the bullying aspects that men feel they need to express to show they are "real" men. No, real men are kind and motivated to be helpful like women have been showing us for millenniums. It is the women in my life who have shown me how to be a real man and for that I am eternally their advocate and ally. When we decide to let the women in our lives govern how to think and act with respect and dignity is when our society will finally begin to heal itself of the worst we men have wrought upon it.

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