Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Art of being Genuine (#106)

The practice of being genuine requires a general understanding of who we are as a species and more specifically who I am as a person. What are my demonstrations of character and personality? Then what changes in my cognition and behavior do I idealize to form? These are the questions I need to address in order to organize a profile of my genuineness. In rationalizing a process and outline, to describe myself, I also take into account the times and circumstances where I have been disingenuous. Lessons from the past and hopes for the future will hopefully expose a wide panorama of moments I wish to mold into the definition of; the genuine Carl. In ways the legacy of who I am is the driving force of how I live my life. I know that a legacy is an illusive concept in a world as complex as this one, however my idealistic nature considers a legacy as one of the very few realities I have some control over. By stipulating that principles of honor and decency must be the parameters of my life I lay the foundation out for reasoning the circumstances that enter my life. The actions and positions I take are evidence of how far or how little I have progressed toward my ultimate goal of living within the better and best of human traits. It is not enough to try and fail at this ambitious agenda I desire. I must keep trying until I have moved ever closer to my ideal of the genuine me.

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Caroline said...

Wonderful expression of my desire to build my own character. An on going goal for me. Love the the thought of"living within the better and the best of human traits" Something I heard and made a sign to put right in front of my desk "Your good is better and your better is blessed". thanks for continuing to open you mind and heart for all of us to share!!! xoxoxox