Saturday, May 23, 2009

Faith as a practical matter (#113)

Whether I have an organized belief system or a belief system based on the unknown, the faith necessary for either is real and pragmatic. Real in the sense that I believe my life has no purpose unless a force within me dictates otherwise, namely faith that I do exist for a reason. Pragmatic because the truth of my faith in the past has come about through my actions whether intentional or not. Although ideology is not considered pragmatism it's consequence through action can be. I am not trying to prove the validity of faith because that would require skills I am not equipped with, however my understanding of my life and it's circumstances move me to the position that my life without faith is of no value. I might as well be a cow in the field grazing on grass for the rest of my life. Faith allows me to see what is or could be and direct my being toward it's outcome. Faith also allows me to see what can't be and to hope that the outcome may become real but to recognize that it may very well not happen as well. Faith is my barometer in measuring the desires and pressures within my life and helps me to navigate in a way that satisfies what possibilities I may recognize as realizable. For all things that matter in my life, faith is either indirectly or directly involved in a foundational way.

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