Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do right by one person at a time (#111)

I have had to start over several times in my life. That's OK to do when you or I feel or realize something has changed in our life and we want to go in a new direction. A do-over is how it is described in today's vernacular. It takes a strong-minded person to admit we were wrong or to see reality in a different way and actually admit and change our existing one. Whatever it takes, if we feel we are better served and/or serve better, then change or starting over is what we should do. It doesn't have to be complicated either, just start with the first person who is affected by our change and then the next person and then so on and so on. Hopefully this starting over is a good step in our life's journey and will be a positive experience for ourselves and those around us. I know that in my case every time I have altered my behavior or perspective on reality it has been to fulfill a noble principle that had been lacking in my life. I write this composition with the desire to explain that it is never too late to take an inventory of one's self and guide one's self on a different or altered course. Life is a continuum of change and change within our lives is almost required. Being self-aware is the idea and admitting the necessity to change hopefully will bring about the action to move to a better place in the evolution of our lives.

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Constant Gardener said...

I am thinking that if we can have a positive outlook during the change process we can then appreciate the journey of that this! And again I say THANKS!!!