Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't worry be Happy (#115)

Personally, my life's situation is in limbo caused by the economic recovery we all are going through. The uncertainty of my vocation is still being determined. Through this time of evaluation my mind is at ease for one particular reason. Hope. I am an idealist at heart and a ever-lasting romantic. So it figures that I know disappointment all too well. Despite disappointment, I am indefatigably resistant to nothing less than a good or better outcome for my future. Things aren't up to me they are up to circumstances beyond my control. I will have to decide some things after my fate is determined and of course I will. I have little setbacks at times in keeping my perspective on my overall enjoyment of life outlook, however enjoyment of life is still and will continue to grow as a principled characteristic of my cognition. I am constantly applying my cognition of enjoyment in ways that best suit my personal behavior. As a familiar behavioral constant emerges, hopefully a natural expression of my enjoyment of life will be evidenced by those whose lives I am in. I was once on a little league baseball team sponsored by a group called Optimist International. I had no real clear understanding of what this group was all about but today I think of the name optimist international and accept the simple premise it implies. My definition to it is simply, continual hope without fail to all. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I don't want to miss the good times worrying about the unknown. Like the little song, "Don't worry be happy."

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