Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hope for the Future (#109)

What is it within us that makes us think what we think? The impetus or genesis of what forms in our minds that we think about is a mystery to me. My thoughts are a creation that occurs within my mind and I have no proof I am the cause. It could be that I react to whatever I think or that I initiate an event or circumstance and then think of my reaction to it. Or I could be forcing thoughts to come into my mind through force of my will and then believing them to be natural and then acting on them. Wait, I think I just confused myself. Whatever the scenario, which by the way is probably a combination of all possibilities, my mind is a beautiful mixture of mystery and ideas. In allowing my mind to focus on the mysteries of life and not so much on me, I free myself to be who I really am without worrying what anyone or any convention expects me to be. Life is exciting to live within the principled and disciplined guidelines I strive to adhere to. The future of our existence is the most valuable entity I can influence. I may be brazen or bold in thinking that I could have an influence on existence but in the least sense I can, because I am part of existence therefore an influential force of some kind. What I think and how I apply my thoughts will determine the effect I have. Regardless of how my thoughts arrive in me, the purpose in having them is to allow them to identify me in the world as a person who has value and strives to consider possibilities.

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