Sunday, May 17, 2009

Logic is not Proud (#107)

To be right or correct is not license to gloat or put on "airs" of superiority. To be right or correct is not a "God given talent" to only some or one. To be right or correct is simply a practical solution or a moral decision. There are times when I sense a complete understanding of some limited problem and can rationalize the best solution with simple deduction. These times are not common for me however, and like most people, I struggle to find the best solutions I can given most problems are defined within time constraints. So the best I can do is give my best to a solution that is sufficient enough to answer a problem reasonably. I have come to be well acquainted with the term, "I don't know". In the truth of not knowing I begin to start to learn. Any false pride I may have had in the past has been shattered numerous times through logic. Humility, in admitting an ignorance to a circumstance or happening, is much more welcome to my soul than some form of false bravado or feigned knowing. I learn more clearly about a subject or object when I start with the premise that I don't know. It is OK to bare my lack of knowledge publicly. I don't wish to fool anyone and I do wish to learn more about something I didn't know previously. I am satisfied, in my soul, that it is good for me to always begin my thoughts with the earnest appreciation of logic and it's humble application.

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