Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memories from My Childhood (#121)

My last two posts have been about memories from my childhood that were important moments in my life. I don't know why they were important absolutely except to say that they have endured within my recollections. There are, I am sure, some happenings in my past that I have tried not to remember and I don't see any reason to try to remember most of them now. I believe we are all benefited by not dwelling or digging into our early memories because of the unhelpful nature some of our past experiences would expose, nevertheless, we are all benefited by memories of significance, even occasionally painful ones, when they help us and others enrich our lives with a perspective aimed at positive growth and awareness. The enduring quality about life is that when we are confronted with unpleasant or behaviorally wrong consequences we are able to adjust and improve toward a better standard of thinking and behavior. A case in point being when I was eight and two relatives came to live with our young family, one of them pushed me into a blackberry patch. Ouch, then the other relative came and got me out and pushed the relative who pushed me, also into the blackberry patch. After that initial introduction to me to my newly met relatives a bond between the relative, who pushed me into the blackberry patch and myself formed that to this day is still full of admiration and happiness. The point is that although the memory of our first encounter was a painful one it served as a starting point for a lifelong friendship that we hold today. I will always attempt to emphasize my memories in light of their positive instructive value and their humorous qualities. Memories are important to me in that they demarcate times and circumstances in my life that remind me of how lucky and special my life has been being born into a family full of love and a country founded on the better and best traits a human could aspire to achieve.

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