Friday, May 29, 2009

Our first color Television (#119)

What an exciting time. I was eight, at the wide-eyed, taking-in-everything phase of my life. We lived in Carmichael, California in the year 1963. I had heard of color television from ads on tv, from classmates at school and relatives I visited who had color tv at home. So when the tv deliveryman showed up and set up our Magnavox tv, with stereo and phonograph player, combination console, I was front and center in the room to experience the wonder of color tv. I remember the magnetic circular loop the tv setup man moved around in front of the tv screen to stabilize the color adjustments to the pictures on the screen. It wasn't long before the views on the screen were being shown in color instead of the usual black and white pictures. When I was young I thrived on tv whenever I could. I would sneak up early in the morning to watch anything that was on. We only had three channels back then and they all followed a similar broadcast schedule. My parents used to get after me for always being in the house watching tv instead of going outside and playing. I know they thought I was watching too much tv but I was fascinated by the cartoons and movies and the characters that were displayed in them. TV opened up my limited world to what the rest of the world was and could be like. Don't misunderstand about my tv viewing, it wasn't obsessive just a wonderful experience I tried to incorporate into all the other activities I was involved in. My life at that age was very busy. I played and read and listened to the radio, but watching our new color tv was just the best.

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Anonymous said...

Son, what a happy memory, yes you liked to watch the cartoons and etc. you always had a very curious mind which is a wonderful part of you I love you Son! Mom