Sunday, September 20, 2009

The barriers are coming down (#233)

It has taken me a little time to come up with a topic today. I suppose it is because I have been distracted by a lot of little things I wanted or wished to complete. My blog posting is very important to me and I always want to complete it as soon as possible early in the morning. Today has been an exception for me in that I decided to throw myself at all the little errands and tasks first and then relax into my topic for the day. I am glad that I did because I got to talk to a couple of very enlightened interesting gentlemen who offered perspectives on issues of the day that I found insightful and profound. It is not often that I can have a conversation with someone who is able to elucidate their concepts or principles in an objective way without staking out an immovable position. The free exchange of ideas and thoughts usually brings us closer together if we allow for objective analysis of the concise points being made. It is often the case that we hijack other's ideas as our own without doing the necessary investigation as to the actual realities our positions may create. I ma very proud to be a member of the human species and I want and wish for nothing but the best for us. How this can come about is only dependent on how much we are willing to understand each other and listen to learn from each other.

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