Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do my best as much as possible (#230)

I will never have an ego problem because I know me very well. I am prone to looking at myself with an objective eye, and that eye shows me the truth of myself. I make mistakes. I actually laugh at myself many times during the day. The one thing that has allowed me to see myself in such an actual way is my belief that living with the truth of reality is imperative in my life. I am not dissimilar from most other people, I need to be grounded to some form of solid footing. The truth in my life is necessary for me to function as my nature finds most enjoyable, despite any consequence that may come from living as my truth is expressed. Existence is without a blueprint for life. It is a learned experience which we attempt to share with each other and generations to come. The beauty of us having a free will design is that we have some control of our actions within the societal structure we have instituted in order to reign in chaos and anarchy. The control we do have is enormous in depth and should never be treated with anything less than humbled honor. Another form of treatment we should give our control over ourselves is the ability to have a joyous life and to not take ourselves too seriously. There are great and terrible problems that we as a society still need to find reasonable answers for, but in finding answers we must also enjoy the limited time we have in existence in order to preserve a way of life which greatly defines the panoramic capabilities of humanity. Each human needs to know that they have done their best to continue existence for humanity in a positive progressive way and also to experience the wonderment of existence with joy in our lives.

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