Thursday, September 24, 2009

Loving life (#237)

I am so glad to have this opportunity to say how much I enjoy being in my life today. I am away from home, family and friends yet because of the Internet and a great peace of mind I am relaxed and anxious all at the same time. I am ready to take on many concurrent situations from work and also do them with a sense of happiness. This weird combination of anticipation with comfort is elevating to my psyche. It is as if I have attained a level of ownership of my thoughts and emotions I had not thought I would ever see again. I have had glimpses of this combination before but rarely and for only short periods of time. Now I am living in this sense all the time lately. This carefree attitude and behaviour I am experiencing is reflective of how far I have come from the days of confusion and denial. I no longer bury myself in drink to escape my reality, I have instead changed my reality and buried the drink. Quite a turn-around. My life today is a product of associations and determination on my part. The associations I have now are with people who are looking for a better future for themselves other than through denial and drink or drug. I look forward to my day today, knowing that it will be another test in a series of tests that I now have the confidence and focus to pass no matter what shape or form.

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