Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the subject of creativity (#228)

I love starting out my daily blog with the title beginning "On the subject of...", because John Stuart Mill started some of his political theory ideas that way. I have admired John Stuart Mill for his contribution of "No harm to anyone or to yourself" philosophy. My classmate from University of Washington, Ted Chow told me I should write my political theory and entitle it the same as John Stuart Mill. I agree with him now but in a different format than he or I envisioned. My theory is on the block heading of my blog and I won't discuss it now but I want to talk about the unique way John Stuart Mill began some of his books about humanity and social living. His clear direction toward the topic he wished to discuss inspired me to focus my thoughts and energies on the specific matter I wished to bring to light. Simply, JSM helped me to understand that being clear and efficient with my idea, I give it legitimacy. I had a tendency to ramble and intertwine my thoughts with other ideal until even I could not remember the original point I was trying to make. Sometimes it is like a light goes off in my head to signify that Occam's Razor, (to paraphrase, the simplest answer is usually the correct one), is mostly true. When JSM talks about how we should do no harm to others or ourselves as a moral imperative, he is basically summing up every positive principle know to humankind. His, again, simple logic has shown magnificent enlightenment. One little efficiently clear ideal encompasses every motive in life. Wow.

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