Monday, September 14, 2009

On the subject of discretion (#227)

This is a topic that requires an amount of finesse. In taking on this topic I must remember that discretion can be easily violated when not honored as a high principle. In other words discretion's implementation must be a carefully considered objective. Omitting or deleting information from a discussion of value becomes necessary when too specific details would harm or unjustly mis-characterize an organization or person(s). In the moment of discussion when we all want to be validated by offering each other useful information, we must not lose sight of the trust and protection of some information not meant for public or private discourse. I try to frame or shape my thoughts toward generalities to make my points instead of mindlessly invoking circumstances of fact or innuendo without concern for the collateral damage that may and will be caused by my not having thought through my words before using them. We are human and by definition are liable to make errors in judgement and action at any given time. That is why using the tool of discretion can limit our negative impacts on others. Life is a continuing learning process which has in it's wake our few victories but mostly our many mistakes. The light of day on our mistakes should be our choice to shine, unless ordinance or law supersedes. We must be careful not to unintentionally or intentionally harm each other for purposes due to negligence on our part or through the baser human instinct. Discretion shows a high level of maturity and care which should be everyone's practice and everyone's goal to attain.

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