Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Staying happy in tough circumstances (#236)

Especially on my jobsite it is difficult to maintain a happy upbeat demeanor when the chaos that is construction gets a little out of synchronicity. I have found that despite the various obvious reactions I could take, I still default back to a smile and a joke to release the tension and start to bridge the newly formed gap. Life is always going to be complicated and I must remember that! I am also only going to be alive for a limited time through our current destiny and I want to savor the moments that have been mine to claim. Results will come and go as the situation dictates, but how I let the message of the dictate form and be released is mine to formulate. I choose the logic and smooth way as opposed to the angry out-of-control way. I have seen more than my share of outbursts which were intended as a strategy fail, simply because humans will only allow themselves to be bullied or scolded in limited amounts. To treat humans with dignity when constructively criticizing shows wisdom and respect to the recipient. There is always another moment that follows and it seems wise to have good relations with as many people as possible if a deadline or phase finish point is ever going to be realized. When the moment of confusion has been rectified I want my future to be in a harmony with the principles of life and community, honor and dignity, but most of all true to the best of the nature of humanity. There is only one way I can keep that smile on my face and that is if I am true to how I want others to view the qualities of life I project out to them. No masks, no power or ego trips, just honest and good, trying to find better.

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