Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still full of wonder and awe (#240)

I just became a Facebook friend to a relative I have never met and I am learning that her culture, which is not the same as mine has the same principles of hopes and guidelines that mine has. The difference is that I am unfamiliar with the appropriate protocol for sharing information about subjects or ideals. I imagine over time I will be able to discern or learn through trial and error, but I hope that most of my learning will happen through thoughtful discernment and careful respect of what I learn. I know that my care-free attitude about my own life is well and good for me however, others deserve time to express their own attitudes about how they are approached and how they are communicated with. Our American culture has a an unbridled view on many subjects that are free from the strictures of confinement, the difference being non-American societies can have many strictures in place that are considered taboo and accepted wholly as they are. I am not saying this is wrong in any way, shape or form I am just pointing out the carefulness I must adhere to in showing my respect for others as I would hope they would show for mine. In my own mind I know that the American culture is populated by less than 5% of the Planet's population, yet I sense we are less-conscious of our numbers and more conscious of our might and right in the world. Our might and right in the world should be premised on our knowledge that respect from others comes at the price of giving respect. I am humbled by the fact of my existence on this Planet and my ability to communicate with others in an open way. I hope to always be in this world where we all are allowed to live our lives with dignity and the ability to express ourselves like the first Amendment of our American Constitution allows us to be able to.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Son, I love what you have to share in this Blog, I hope others read this and understand the right thinking you have on this subject, I believe in being thoughtful to others and respecting each other