Saturday, September 19, 2009

The triumph of the human spirit (#232)

It does not matter what the circumstance, the human spirit will triumph over it inevitably. The amazing strength and power of the human spirit is only matched by the amazing power of our planet Earth. We are suited to each other in ways that are eerily similar. We have a love/hate relationship in our means of caring for each other. We need each other to cultivate and prosper each of our own potential. The Earth does not necessarily need us to exist but through humanity existing on the Earth we bring out it's qualities that otherwise would have no purpose for being. Of course, humanity needs the Earth for the most basic and fundamental reasons of giving and maintaining life. Although the relationship may be uneven at present the future very well could shift the balance toward a more equitable rationalization. In the meantime however, the human spirit is the strength needed to allow humanity to continue toward a future free from the arms of the Earth. Like a baby bird flying from it's nest for the first time, humanity continues to adapt to it's surroundings and to the logical increases in our knowledge base. It is absolutely the most invigorating time to experience existence simply because of the opportunities and possibilities that can and are available. The indomitable spirit we possess is humanity's factor in continuing an unabated growth toward any and all potential outcomes. In other words destiny is truly in our hands.

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