Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What the day may bring (#242)

As always I awake with a general idea as to how my day will go. However, only generally. I know that I will wash, clean, feed and ready myself to go out the door and off to work but what work will look like today is always unpredictable. Regardless, I have no cares about that even though it is somewhat still mystifying. I have come to the place in my life where whatever happens is greeted with the same outlook, analyze and proceed. It is not that I have become automated, it is because I am happy and can adjust to most any type circumstance that comes my way. I have thrown out the notion of assumption which leads to expectation in favor of not assuming anything and reacting to whatever appears. The moments or seconds of my life continue to count toward their final solution despite whatever denial I justify. So instead of trying to control time and it's effects, I try to just let time be itself so I can concentrate on just being myself. Like the song "What will be, will be.", is a great anthem or rallying point to live my life by. "Come what may", is a phrase used in theatrics and in real-life courageous moments, for me "come what may" signifies a life principle, a way to look at all things with the same determined eye of conviction. It is also a face to show the world in the way I choose to, which is with strength of conviction behind the smile I wish to present to all who would look my way.

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