Thursday, October 22, 2009

The barriers to our souls (#265)

Fear, it has many forms to disguise itself with. But in the end it is always just fear. I wonder what the real purpose of fear is as opposed to what it has become in our age. In our age it is the barrier that is constructed to lessen the experiences life has for us. It is also a kindling flame in the circular fire of separation and division. What I believe fear truly is, is more to do with the unknown and discovery of the unknown then anything else. Our true natures should be filled with curiosity and wonderment. I contend that fear is the spark to awareness of new things and the catalyst for initiating discovery. Fear has a positive connotation in my rationalization. Fear tells me that I am about something I am unsure or unknowing of. Proper grammar aside, my description on this subject is far more important than my grammatical symmetry. I have delved deep within myself to expose my reasoning on how fear should be viewed. Now is the time. Fear is an ally waiting to be understood. Fear can and should expose our own weaknesses as well as weaknesses of others. Showing weakness is natural and progressive, for how should we strengthen ourselves in areas of weakness if we don't expose them and move forward from them. This blog started out being about barriers to our souls and the link I make to the title from the context of fear is that when we find we have an understanding of how to approach fear we then open ourselves to others with less inhibition and embarrassment. Life is a funny old thing and we all experience it. It would be wonderful if we all could experience our fears with a sense of courage and naturalness reflective of fear as a tool to growing and learning which in my estimation would remove barriers from our souls and allow us to accept all of us as just human with a goal to experience humanity.

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