Saturday, October 24, 2009

Diversity and Tolerance (#267)

My life in a nutshell. Tolerance and diversity, a very big key to how to look at the world. The phenomenon of "the arrogance of self" has no home in my life. It is because I have concluded that I am a part of the world like everyone else, that I have been given the insight to know that diversity and tolerance are natural and unique. The idea of sameness for all inclusion is fallacious thinking. The idea of difference for inclusion is reality. The fear associated with difference is to be no barrier to embracing difference and admiring it's qualities. Again I reiterate that I had no hand in creating existence, therefore do not get the option of judging or controlling it's reality. It is unfortunate that I must write on this subject, since it should be obvious that freedom to be an individual is guaranteed in our American Constitution. Despite the Constitutional guarantee, common sense and logic of diversity and tolerance of diversity have been in evidence throughout nature since the advent of Mankind. I contend that fear has always been misinterpreted as a conclusion. Fear is a premise in which to build on other premises toward an eventual conclusion. There is still much to learn from the sensation of fear and our infant understanding of it's application in the human experience has yet to fully evolve. Until then there are other remedies available to us in conquering and understanding those things which are different and unusual. Humility, being the best way to approach all of existence and a sense of curiosity in furthering knowledge to lessen the unknown.

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