Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Each and every individual human (#270)

There is no playbook. There is no guide to being human. We as a society of humans have offered ideas about how to live but there is no absolute way. Deep down within us exists our will or our soul, however you decide to describe that which makes you, you. And in the person of yourself exists the ability we call being alive and functioning as a human being. As a category of life, we are unique. We are biological with an inherent ability to reason and remember. The awesomeness of that reality is overwhelming. I am incredulous at my ability to reason and communicate, so much so, that I feel absolutely humbled at the prospect of actually reasoning and learning more. It is my life's ambition to relentlessly search for knowledge with all the vigor I possess. I have been working toward being the better and best human being I can possibly become but also attempting to learn and understand the little mysteries I am capable of comprehending. My personal judgement about how I am living and what I am learning is foremost and fundamental to who I am. I will never abrogate my personal humanity to any other being in existence without just cause to sacrifice and principled honor. Being a man of honor is my goal in life since I was less than that in my past. My perspective has evolved to include my admitting of faults and my determination to correct those that remain within me but to also move forward and creating a better past and present through my actions today. The future is where my heart of hopes lay and that is the impetus to the individual being I am. We all struggle to know who we are but when we do find out that we are all given the same ingredients with which to define ourselves, more times than not we will find that our better and best instincts define who we are and the end result will be for others to judge.

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