Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't know what I am doing (#257)

Truly, I don't know what I am doing and I could not be any more satisfied. It has always been my problem that when I orchestrate some plan of mine I rarely end up with a desired result. What I am talking about on this posting is my life seems to be on a course of it's own. I am just in the Carl enjoying the ride. How I am getting to where I am going is just by doing the best principled thing in front of me and allowing destiny or fate or whatever you call it to do it's thing. How refreshing life is at the moment since I am being pleasantly surprised by someone who I had never met before a couple of weeks ago. The uniqueness of life in existence is proving it's truth to me today. I am elevated above the normal emotions and stresses the day usually brings to a place where I am inured of petty or chaotic feelings. There are many things I could say now but probably the most truthful thing would be is that I have an extra dose of happiness coursing through me and I am willing to tell you about it. It is in the How I am living today, with no desire to forge my own destiny only to live in each second of every second I have left to live. I am not navigating a course for myself I am just letting myself drift on the current of life and making principled decisions wherever they appear for me to make. I have found the key to living my life. Simply put, I am just being and allowing my presence to be felt in how I am just being. Always doing the next right and good and fair and generous and strong thing that defines the best of what I have within my soul.

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Anonymous said...

I love you so much my son and have always wanted the best for you and trust the lord that he will give it to you, you are an man of principles and will always do whats right, so proud of you, Love Mom