Monday, October 26, 2009

I must do the next right thing (#269)

To be selfish would not allow me to do the next right thing. This statement is a stark reminder to me of just how difficult it can be for me to transform to the person I wish to become. The key for me to an agreeable transformation is my sentinel duty to remain in the present. Now, I just bet some of you think that I must be a simpleton if my only duty is to be in the present. How absurd of me not to be in the present. What is difficult for me is to keep my mind from wandering into what my or your or our future should be instead of just experiencing the present. The future will come to me in the form of the present. If I have been attentive to the present and done the next right thing right in front of me then most times the future will be what it is naturally supposed to be. I am a guest in existence with some control over myself and very little control over the immediate things around me. I accept this premise and hope to someday improve my will over my immediate surroundings through becoming a better example to others for how to live a good life. However the choice still will remain with those who choose. My significant insignificance is appropriately measured and appreciated by myself. The lesser I think of myself and think instead of others the greater the stature I reflect back to those whose lives I touch. By being less about me I become more of who I am. A conundrum perhaps in describing my actions but no conundrum in the reality of the result.

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