Friday, October 30, 2009

My home is where my heart is (#273)

Although many things seem be to wresting for position in my mind the one constant is that whenever I think above my thoughts a smile still comes to my face. I know why this happens, it is because regardless of the endless streams of practical and creative images forming in my mind I am still happy in my heart. Many things are happening around me at this time yet my soul is content and that fact alone is my rock. The continual change happening to me is not taking place in my heart. I will always have the goodness within me as a constant companion wherever and whatever I am doing. I think of my little animals that I love and who give me back their affection, and the time I have been away from them. It is somewhat heartbreaking but also more-so an anticipation upon returning and seeing them again. Some of my family and friends have been waiting for me to come home and look them into the face with a real smile of reconnecting. I may be a thousand miles away but my home is in my heart. That is where the warmth of all my good memories reside. My memories are sufficient today in keeping me balanced and healthy in my approach to the obligations I must greet. The feelings in my heart also serve me in bringing who I am to the myriad new people I am meeting and getting to know. New friends are very good but my old friends are too and I miss them when I don't see them. Such are the demands of society when obligations must be met. I will continue to smile the smile of a man who has found a road to travel that offers contentment. Truly, my home is where my heart is and today my heart is with all of those that I know.

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