Saturday, October 17, 2009

The natural flow of my being (#260)

I often find myself assuming things in my head as a starting point but quickly realize what I am doing. At that point I rationalize to myself the absurdity of my assuming thoughts and quickly eliminate them. I find myself back in the present moment, which is where I belong on a constant basis, less some important advanced thinking I might need to formulate. The title of this blog posting is the natural flow of my being and what I mean by that is that I need to allow my person to just go about what I do without trying to plan my moves. In many of my blog postings I have iterated the fact that I have found myself. In knowing who I am I must occasionally remind myself that I need to trust my instincts in every situation. I have ordered my thoughts and actions around the better and best of human principles and I need to allow them to flow through my actions and thoughts with free movement. I trust that as time goes by the principles I strive to have in my life will naturally appear as responses to any given circumstance. There is some caution during my growth toward my ideals as I don't wish to harm anyone as I attempt to become the man I hope to be. This is where I find myself trusting the flow of my essence with great scrutiny. It is less to do with fear and more to do with being a positive influence without interjecting myself into the equation. If all I have said seems a bit muddled it is because I am trying to say that my goal for the rest of my life is to be an example of humanity that anyone could appreciate.

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