Friday, October 23, 2009

Resourcing my principles (#266)

I can't explain why things happen when they do but I can be somewhat prepared for any situation simply by employing my principles for living. As I mature into the ideal of the man I hope to be, I begin to live the principles necessary for that long never-ending process. In living the process of acquiring principles and implementing them into my daily actions I am also preparing myself to act on principles when unexpected situations arise. I am rebuilding the foundation of who I am, based on the ideal of the man I want to be. I am not just giving words to print as evidence of my transformation. I have realized that the experiences and emotions of living a principled life are worthy of my full attention and are my most ardent and desired wish. Being a man of principle is the greatest gift I can give myself and, through actions and thoughts, the greatest gift I can give to humanity. I will continually be humbled by the fact that I am alive and functioning in existence. The knowledge that I can have some control over who I can be and have enough control to actually go about a process to make that happen is hopeful. In the hopefulness and correct application of principles, I can then begin to live the dream life of service to humanity and continue toward representing the true nature of myself and possibly be an example to others as a pathway to how to live a life of purpose and contentment.

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