Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still looking forward (#272)

Again fear has it's temptations with me. Temptations only though. This world has it's way of making me think, temporarily, that it is too complicated for me to be effective in it. Ha! I am still plagued at very small moments with the fleeting thought that I don't measure up to normal standards. This is a normal human condition that I believe is shared by all or most all of our society at large. It only takes me a few seconds to rationalize the thoughts away to the trash bin in my mind. I am the man who is on a mission to improve himself and by extension hopefully reflect back to others as a good example. This is my only goal in life that has my constant vigilance. I also am looking for that life partner to share my life with but that is up to fate and destiny because I am not able to find this person on my own. My future still holds mystery and confidence that is allowing me to look forward to everyday that comes as I awaken. I am privileged to be in existence and hope to continue to be here as long as my mind and body will allow me. Carpe diem, seize the day, is my spirit; and Manifest destiny, claiming all from horizon to horizon, is my wish for the kind of future I hope for the best of mankind to create.

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Anonymous said...

Believe me your lifes partner is out there and she will be the most blessed person to have you as a companion Keep on Hoping and believing.