Thursday, October 15, 2009

The wonderment within me (#258)

Everyday I continue to find that I am curious about something right when I am starting my day. Nothing in my life has become so comfortable or familiar that there isn't something that has my curiosity piqued. It has come to be an expectation of mine to be uncomfortable about many things which in turn keeps me on my toes with just about everything. Curious that being uncomfortable is my best instinct for keeping myself in a keen awareness state. I suppose that being uncomfortable about life is somewhat the opposite of what most other people in life are aiming to achieve. Comfort is an ideal that is striven toward. When I start to feel comfortable about anything I am now wary of it's status quo. Of course there are exceptions to the comfort/uncomfortable position I am trying to lay out about myself. That being a shared relationship of love with someone. I would want to find a comfort for the two of us as we interact together. Even in a personal relationship, however, comfortable can easily become dull and uncaring. The complexity of life and situations deserve my best efforts and being lazy or procrastinating can only detract from any best effort. If comfort is used in the fashion of catching one's breath and charting a better course for life then comfort has that positive appeal. For most situations though, comfort has become the top of the mountain instead of a fortuitous ledge to aid in temporary rest. I will continue to wonder and continue to live my life with the knowledge that it is never going to be a dream, only hard work and selfless expressions will bring the comfort to my life that I so desperately need.

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