Saturday, March 27, 2010

Being honest with myself (#421)

Here is a subject that is difficult to face. For the most part being honest with myself is easy and comfortable. It is the lesser part of myself that being honest about is so difficult. I still have some habits and thoughts that need to be exposed and shown the light of day. It is in putting my faults on display that has the most effective chance of changing my lesser habits and thoughts into good habits and thoughts. I won't describe my inadequacies here but I will admit to having inadequacies. Admitting that I have inadequacies and defining them to myself is quite an achievement. It requires me being honest with myself. I wish to change myself into an example of what humanity could be like at it's best and holding onto less than good habits through thought and action negate me being able to do so. Knowing that I can choose to be what I am without being constricted leads me to want to know how to do this. All I have to do is to recognize my thoughts and actions when they occur and objectively accepting whether they need to be changed. I have the time and effort necessary to remodel myself from the incomplete person I am, through a process of applying my life to principles that share all the right and good elements of humanity. I just need to be honest with myself and make the time to change.

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