Thursday, March 18, 2010

The cycle of life (#412)

It is what I call it but it does also include death. To go from one form to another is unknown. It happens all around us but we do not understand it's purpose. We understand the physics involved but little else. Many theories and beliefs have sprung from the event of living then dying. What is fact is still an unknown. The reality of being in existence in a living being is the most wonderful concept when the being is allowed to flourish and enjoy. Because of the environmental and physical characteristics we are limited by, the eventual timing of death breaks the cycle of life and a new experience either occurs or doesn't for the being who has moved beyond life in this existence. Only in this existence are we to sense with our physical abilities the actual experience of life. It is curious to me that we have life in such a limited form and cannot determine infinity through life as it is on Earth. I often feel like I am in a shell or box that is not open but is closed to any attempt to know what form other than nothing takes place after life. I will suffer to be consoled that we as a humanity are not evolved enough yet to see all that the Universe hides from us at present and that if humanity survives the obstacles of life and death to continue then maybe in time we will know enough to comprehend what the cycle of life really signifies.

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