Monday, March 29, 2010

Interaction, a means to communicate (#423)

It seems that the foundational attempt with letters and numbers to try to understand the psyche of the human being is a bit misguided. I am not saying that it does not have merit, just not much merit in trying to define the philosophy of our natures. Philosophy, at it's premise contains the argument that language is the key to understanding ourselves. I submit that language is more so the tool we use to communicate our natures to each other. If I never spoke a word or relayed a number my nature would be felt and understood in other ways. Those things that matter to me, my emotion and values, are less about language and more about actions. I may be nit-picking here but the thought that language and terminologies are very important in understanding humanity does not easily persuade me. Letters and numbers are tools which have been defined and polished over many generations of usage. They are the simple measure of convenience. I have a bigger problem with numbers, specifically the base ten system that allows us to have such fine answers as fractions to infinity. However, they serve a purpose and for the time being that purpose is being satisfied. In the future our humanity will come to know greater truths and sometime in the future both letters and numbers will be relegated to the rusty bin where all other tools from past generations are stored.

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