Monday, March 15, 2010

My relationships matter to me (#409)

Life is like a tale of two sides of the same story. It really is all about perspective. I was reminded of that today a couple of times. On a personal note I am in a self-help group that gives us participants an opportunity to express our feelings on some important subjects. While I voluntarily choose to be a part of this group I am also aware everyone else does as well. So respecting each other's opinions and experiences allows us to come into interaction with each other without any expectations. It is wonderful to feel at peace and to open up to others in the same way as they open up to me. I have been accustomed to searching and defining the world through my own eyes and that is how I have allowed myself to see the world. The difference now though is that I allow myself to see the world through other's eyes as well and it gives me the perspective of knowing that we all generally share the same types of experiences. We all have the same hopes and dreams about what our futures could be and the relationships within them. I know that I am not alone and that in itself makes me feel welcome in this world. My relationships matter to me and I look forward to having many new relationships as well.

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