Sunday, March 14, 2010

The price of hope (#408)

I am a person who cannot help but be optimistic and look for the best in all things. It is a quality I am fortunate to have within me. Regardless of the times that come out to my worst fears. I just start again with a new hope because somehow I believe in the power of goodness to give us the kind of life we should all be happy to live. I am always tired of hearing how we as a human race seem to blame our bad behaviour on our natural instincts. This I believe to be a fallacy. Our natural instincts are to be kind and curious. I say this because when we are kind and curious our true selves seem to be the most obvious to each other. In the dawn of time when humanity was forced to be savage to survive is no direct evidence that we were naturally of no conscious sentiment. Our need to survive is only an action based upon our curious nature. The goodness felt when kindness is practiced makes living, such a wonderful experience, even to the point of surviving at all costs. The beauty of humanity to adapt when circumstances necessitate it is one way we ultimately will continue to enjoy life. Another way is through logic and reason. If we spend the time looking to the better and best of who we are change can happen in great steps instead of smaller steps forced on us through environmental and social disruptions. I find that what I hope is always more than what I thought to hope for and will continue until the day I am no longer in existence.

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