Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The struggle of life (#424)

We humans are not unique to all the rest of life as we know it. Everything has a limited time span. The human uniqueness is in our ability to move about without having to remain planted in the soil. Now other animals also have this ability and that is true. The difference between humans and the other species of movable life is that we can put action to our creative thought. That ability to create from our imaginings is what separates us from all other creatures. We also have an emotional component that allows us to have compassion for each other and other animate and inanimate things. What we all share in common however is an end to ourselves. As we must sleep to replenish our vigor, we also age toward an end which comes to all. The seasons take their toll on us and we move through a generally acknowledged predictable cycle of life. I was sitting here thinking about how I need my sleep to recharge my zest and zeal for life otherwise if I was awake all the time I would be less than objective due to the stresses that accumulate during any long stretch of being awake. Nothing in our Universe shows the physical signs of remaining in a perfect state of infinity. The chaos of atoms, elements and molecules advances the concept that nothing remains the same and all things are in a constant state of change. I accept this as the reality of this existence. Unless this existence has a dimension that can be morphed to, that allows for no change, then the status quo will remain as it currently is.

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