Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why our lives matter (#419)

We are building the future with what we do in our lives. Never before has the fate of the future been laid at the feet of any generation of souls like it is today. Wars, notwithstanding. The direction our natures take us at this time will be felt into the future like a long ago decision to take a fork in the road. It will be who we are and where we are going. The historical path we choose is up to us. I am constantly reminding myself and, through this blog, others that the best of our natures is what we need to display wherever we can in order to be who we are. To me, it is a choice, not an instinct we are unable to control. The quality of the future is at stake and the determined effort of all of us is what will achieve the best result for the next generations to build upon. I know that my nature is to persevere, it is that part of our survival instinct that I find so difficult to categorize. I use my survival instinct within me as a catalyst to vault my efforts continuously in proclaiming that compassion and curiosity are our true nature and any deviation from them is the lesser responses that are most commonly displayed in our personality, character and history. It is time to elevate from the chaos of weakness and rise to our strength. Only through compassion and curiosity will we, as a society of humans, ever attain the type of future we all hope for our children.

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