Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will we rise to our heights? (#417)

I do not wonder about how I will live my life much anymore since I have committed to being the best of what I can be. that means that selfishness is no longer the goal of my life but selflessness is. I am not going to sacrifice who I am for the sake of some allure. I will sacrifice myself only for the better of higher principle when I am given the choice. I am no longer tilting at windmills in order to show that I have some great ideals within me. How others see me is important only in the way that I live up to great principle. I will not allow myself to be used in any way that furthers an agenda based upon deception or disguise. Personally, I have allowed such superficial considerations in the past to my shame. I cannot go back and change what has happened and I will not deny the existence of such happenings. I will not however be party to the past, in association of doing less than what is desired by the proper responses and actions. My world is changed forever in light of how I see what must be done instead of what I would do for me. This change in me is due to the inner awareness and awakening I have experienced through interactions with other good souls about what I have done in different situations. It is as if a mirror had been put up to my actions and I did not like what I saw. My perspective came to life in a dimensional way that is forever my fortune to have experienced.

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