Thursday, August 26, 2010

The necessity of community (#573)

Some of us enjoy being alone most of the time to care for things that are more personal to us individually. But most of the time is not all of the time. It is at these other times that I have a real need to be in the company of other people. We are all different and have different viewpoints. We also have some things in common. It is with people I have things in common that I seem to spend more of my time. Especially when that commonality is a desire to improve our lives by sharing our experiences. It took me many years to finally figure out that I wanted to be a part of something where the good in life is the goal. When I was finally able to see that only trying to make my reality better was not inclusive of others. For the good in life to happen, I need to work for the good in all of our lives. People can tell who is selfish and who is not. Everyone pretty much has a bullpucky meter and we all know how to use it. Honesty is the key. There are many levels of honesty and using the appropriate level is a learned experience. We can only get that through our gathering as a community. We help and teach each other how best to effect the good for us. We need each other to better ourselves and those affected by us. The importance of community can never be over-valued. Personally, I have much I want to do as an individual but I never forget that what I do as an individual is shaped by what I do as a member of my community.

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