Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The importance of memories (#565)

I am glad that I can remember the things that have happened in my life. Not all my memories are positive but most all are. When I think back on the times in my life where happiness was vivid, I am reminded that those times were special. For all the living I have done so far the happy times seem to have only taken up a small amount of my life. I suppose this is why I am glad I can still remember those times. My memories, although not all happy have mostly been positive and educational. They serve to reflect back to me what I have found to be important. Life should not be so hard. It should have it's struggles but not to the point of deflating us to the point of despair. Life should be positive and full of opportunity. We always need to strive for what we want or need but the striving should be a positive thing, where the only obstacles we encounter are our own effort. So much of my life has been just maintaining my existence. This is good but not what it could be. There is so much more inside of me besides just staying alive. I will continue to build experiences that will hopefully add to the bank of memories that are the most enjoyable, happy ones. As to the striving for new and different hopes and dreams, I will redouble my efforts to overcome some of the institutional obstacles, we have built within our society, that seem to deny hopes despite any amount of striving expended. My memories will help guide me to continue to improve what life I have yet to live.

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