Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knowing Yourself (#576)

This is how I know myself. I imagine a perfect world. Then I see myself within it. What am I doing in this perfect world? How does it make me feel? Everything about me wants to be surrounded by perfection. I do not wish to be a God, I wish to live my life where we all have equality with no negatives. Through this exercise I know who I am. My spirit, my soul, my emotion and my mind all strive for the best of what could be for us all. What I must do now is incorporate who I am into a world that is far from perfect. The character of who I am is now up to me to express. What motivation or will power will I display? In what context will it be displayed? I have moved from learning who I am to practicing who I am. How I live now is my daily adventure, as opposed to wondering who I am. The satisfaction of knowing who I am brings with it a comfort. I am not confused about life now because I actually see through all the chaos. I want to help build this reality into a better reality. It is my purpose for being alive. I am not just some accident or serendipitous event. I am here in this existence to help it become a better existence. Now that may sound a bit arrogant, but it isn't my intent. My intent is to take this gift of life, that I have for now, and do everything I can to make it better. I am only moving forward and putting into practice the knowledge I have of who I am.

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