Friday, August 20, 2010

Marking milestones (#567)

It is good to stop occasionally and reflect on what has happened in the past. Today is one those days that I get the privilege to remember my parents, family and friends. I also get to look back at my own life and judge what has been happening with it. I am of an age now where all the activity of my life has become very important. I feel that my time is much too valuable to me to waste on things of little or no consequence. All my time must matter. As I look back on what I have been doing I am happy enough with the progress I am making to glean from my life those incomplete and inconsequential activities that used to fill my days. I have real purpose moving through my activities and that is pleasing. It is never enough but that is just me motivating me to greater achievement. I know that I am not doing anything that is above and beyond anything anyone else is doing but what I do is positive and can be built upon. There are areas of my life that are still being resistant to positive change and I will continue to struggle to correct that. They may seem small and insignificant but then again nothing really is small and insignificant. Every second and every action is important. In reflecting back upon myself, my friends and family I get to stop time in it's tracks for just a moment or two and analyze how I am living. Today's look back so far has me feeling good about who I am and where I am going with me.

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