Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sobriety as a choice (#578)

Life is hard enough without me complicating it without good reason. Forming and keeping a relationship is difficult but the alternative of having no relationship is even worse. Some choices in our lives by definition are both necessary and difficult. They can't be avoided. Staying sober and away from the influence of any mind disorienting substance is a choice I can make. When I was younger I would have said that being under the influence of most any substance was a necessity and a smart decision. A sort of relief from the constant chaos of society. A relief, however, implies that I am being subjugated to a struggling existence incapable of being improved. What I found is that the chaos of my life was something I could deal with and ultimately change. But not until I gave up the crutch of altering my reality. As I became sober and aware of my deficiencies, I also started to see solutions that when applied would, over time, solve my problems. One solved problem at a time, through consistency of purpose, my life began to become bearable. I also noticed that others noticed as well. I was starting to become a member of my community through shared interests. Being honest about my shortcomings, surprisingly, was not a big deal to like-minded individuals. I am able today to have thoughts about our present and future that actually help to improve life instead of hiding from life. My sobriety is the best reality to have happened to me.

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siouxlin said...

Sobriety: what a gift I give to myself. Saying many thank you's all day long; accepting each lesson as it is offered, awareness of "doors opening, doors closing; its only change"(Louise Hay)and in tiny small steps being open to further gifts and changes in my life.