Monday, August 16, 2010

The unity within us (#563)

Our individual characteristics serve dual purposes. They define us as unique as well as define us in commonality. My contention is that we all start from the premise of compassion and curiosity. From there we diverge from each other encompassing the minutiae of our different experiences and understandings. A common thread is always with us nonetheless. Our hearts and minds recognize that overall we are forever linked as family. We are humans. We share the creation as a particular being. We have other life forms around us in the form of plants and other types of animals, but as humans we are alone in our existence, in and on this world. The one inescapable reality we are all confronted with is that a Universe completely enclosing our world exists all around us. We are trapped inside something that we know very little about. However, as I have postulated, we are curious. Our curiosity is what will move us out into the vast unknown. It is within our human nature to want to know, so know we will. In the wanting to know we will unite in a destiny of purpose that will expose our bonds to each other. The putting-aside of our differences in order to unite is our greatest obstacle or achievement. Fate and history will determine that outcome. I tend toward achievement. We are survivors and we adapt to whatever we need to do to achieve. It is our history so far.

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