Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is true? (#575)

Let me try to cover this in around 250 words. What is true? We know reality is true. We may not like what reality is, but nonetheless, it's truth is evident to all. I like to think of truth as good, but we know that truth can be bad as well. I do not like truth when it is bad. Although, what I like does not matter because truth will be whatever it is regardless of how anyone "feels". I have to live in this world with everyone else and accept the good truth right along with the bad truth. What I try to do though is not consciously create any reality of bad truth. What everyone else decides to do is up to them to decide. There is another kind of true that has to do with our thoughts on this world and any world that may exist in eternity. What is commonly called a belief system, or a variation of a belief system. What may be true to some about belief systems can also not be true to others who don't hold with a belief system. Therefore true, may be determined by individual perspective. So, in theory, two people looking at the same thing may see two different outlooks. One sees truth and the other does not see truth. I respect both points of thought. I am therefore, of the opinion that true really does derive it's definition from each individual person. That makes sense and is how it should be. Despite what truth we see or live, we are still only individuals with responsibility over only ourselves. Finding respect for everyone to know their own truth is how life should be lived.

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