Monday, August 30, 2010

Why compassion and curiosity? (#577)

How did I come to this understanding of my twin natures? Through the process of action. I acted on what was right within me. In my original innocence, my young youth, I was only able to process what was going on. I had no method or structure for evaluating beyond what memories I was storing. There was learned behavior that was based on emotion. How I felt about what was going on and how I was to act within my observations. To feel, was what was most important to me. I did not want to cry! I wanted to feel happy! I found happiness in caring through love. As to my other nature, there is no doubt within me that all I wanted to do, besides feel right inside me through caring, was learning or knowing everything I could. I was that child who was always asking "why". But why, but why, I discovered that the question why always took me to another question of why. If you think it is any different over 50 years later you would be mistaken. There is so much left out there that is unknown. That is how I know that our species is just in the beginning of our existence. There are too many questions that have yet to be asked and answered. There is also a nature I don't categorize with either compassion or curiosity, although it is ingrained in both. That being the will to survive. This separate, but singular anomaly is a shared nature and most intriguing, simply because it signifies, individually, how imperative it is for us to continue to exist.

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