Saturday, December 18, 2010

In a call for help what will I do? (#687)

When I was growing up I could not even think about helping others unless it was an emergency right in front of me. I was too busy thinking and acting on my own behalf to care about what others were going through. The old out of sight out of mind philosophy. I am not proud to admit this but there it is anyway. I have grown from this insensitive position to one where I make myself available to circumstances beyond myself. I am available now to help when I hear the call for help. I cannot explain the transitive moment or circumstances that led me to who I am now but It has definitely something to do with maturity. By maturity, I mean to say that my perspective on my world and the rest of the world has changed. I no longer think in terms of what kind of advantage or fantasy can I obtain, contrarily, I think about what kind of positive mark can I make on the world today. My soul has grown into a place where it is in conjunction with my mind. A firm stable place from where I can stand with confidence and the freedom to be who I am now. I no longer peep around the corner to see if the coast is clear. lol. I stride confidently into my present and future with the purpose of a man who has something of value to offer and is willing to do so. What is so revealing to me about all of this is that through time and experience, I have continued to grow as a human being. Just when I think I have something all figured out I now know that I am just beginning again. It is funny this thing called life, it gives and it takes with no rhyme or reason, but if I continue to grow as I am doing it shows itself to be the most satisfying dynamic yet in what few years I have left within this existence.

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