Friday, December 24, 2010

The necessity of hope (#693)

I was recently having a conversation about what the meaning of hope is. An expectation or "A belief that something wished for can happen"-Wiktionary. Certainly some hopes are nearly and/or impossible to achieve. Regardless, we still find a way to give some possibility to the event(s) occurring. Most hopes are just wishful thinking and pipe dreams of our wild imaginations. But their necessity is quite important. Hope gives us a way to endure those things that would deteriorate us without it. Possibilities are what hope are. Some probable but most improbable. What I wish to discuss though is the necessity of hope. Hope is what we can dream about and dream for. Hope is our inspiration for things not yet achieved or even realized. Hope can be the boundary for all things to work within to achieve. As you can see the necessity of hope is what makes us visionaries. I know none of this is news to us but to be reminded occasionally cannot hurt. Hope is an ideal for thinking, planning and acting on a life for ourselves and for others. The least I get from hope is that my principles for living have a structure for beginning. We are not just a species that understands the present and needs to survive within it. Through hope we get to glimpse at what the future could be and effect it in some way or another, our choice. As such, that hope is a necessity and of a value, is certain. It is also something that is undiminishable. Regardless of the stress and denial of human care, hope will endure where all other forms of mental logic will fail. It is inexorably linked to our will to survive and shall always be elevated in importance as to how we approach the living of our lives.

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