Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the subject of emotion (#684)

For anyone on this planet who thinks that there is no truth to love or heartfelt emotion, then they are hopelessly dead to emotion. For all of us who have lost someone to death who was so special in our lives, we know the truth about how powerful love is in a real sense. The logical ones will try to dismiss emotion as some past instinctual behavior unnecessary for the new modern human being. I can only shake my head at such thinking and remind myself that without the emotion I have in my life, the richness and fullness of experiences I enjoy would be illogical. Love does exist and it exists in some cases so powerfully that when loss is experienced, the mind may even refuse to accept the loss on a rational basis. The pain becomes so overwhelming that the mind creates a scenario where the loss never occurred. A disjunction from reality as a survival instinct to combat the tremendous sense of heartfelt pain. I have been a part of and seen in others this type of survival mechanism. Our connections to each other is an imperative for us in this existence. We all need to get back to the root of who we are instead of, some unrealistic concept of our imagination, that which we might be. The beauty of how we work as an individual and communal species is just waiting to appear and it only can do so when we are in both modes of application, emotional and logical. I have learned the lesson of how powerful emotion can be and what influence it has in how we operate. How I feel about love and it's connection to those I feel love for, is just as important to me as breathing. Emotion and logic are what make me human and if I am not experiencing both, then in my mind, I am not human.

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